About Us

Founded in April 1996 to provide local Internet access, server co-location, web design and hosting in the city of Bakersfield, CA., our company experienced great success and an excellent community reputation for our reliable service and support. In one year we managed to become one of the major respected service providers in the area. In 1997, the company enhanced and produced reliable business services and products, installed a new web based email system, web based billing system and additional backup servers. Company's net income continued to grow and we continued to add additional services and products. In 1998, we became a statewide provider and focused on adding more business products such as web management and marketing. In 1999, we became a national ISP and Commerce Solution Provider (CSP). Expansion in hardware and software continued to grow, we added new eCommerce services, more bandwidth, and moved into the broadband access and digital subscriber lines (DSL). Our goal is to continue providing our existing and new customers with great support and help them grow their business.