Netscape 6 Email Setup


1. Open Netscape Email (or open Netscape, click on tasks, then Mail and Newsgroups)

2. Click the Edit menu, then select Mail and Newsgroup account settings

3. Click the New Account button


4. Select ISP or Email Provider

5. Click Next


6. Enter your name in the Your Name field

7. Enter your email address in the Email Address field

8. Click Next


9. In the Incoming Server section, select POP as the incoming server

10. In the Incoming Server Name field, type in

11. In the Outgoing Server Name (SMTP) field, type in


12. Click Next

13. In the User Name field, type in your email address without the extention (if your email address is "", your username will be "friend")

14. Click Next


15. In the Account Name field, type in Internet Galaxy

16. Click Next


17. Click the Finish Button


Netscape 6 is now configured.