Macintosh OS 8.5 and iMac

Apple Internet Setup Assistant 1.2


1. Double-click the Hard Drive icon

2. Double-click the Internet folder

3. Double-click the Internet Setup Assistant icon

4. Click Yes button

5. Click Yes button


6. Click Right Arrow button


7. Type in Internet Galaxy in the Connection Name box

8. For the "How will you be connecting" option, select Modem

9. Click the Right Arrow button


10. Select your modem from the Modem List

11. Select Modem Port in the Port field

12. Under "Does your phone line use Tone or Pulse?", select Tone

13. Click the Right Arrow button


14. Type in your local access telephone number in the Phone number field

*Note - The local access number for Bakersfield, Ca. is 282-2000. For local access number to all other locations, please telephone our offices at 661-396-3500 or click here Access Numbers

15. Type in your username in the User Name field. Type in your password in the Password field

16. Click the Right Arrow button


17. Select No for the Does your ISP require that you use a PPP Connect Script option

18. Click the Right Arrow button


19. Select No for the Is there an IP address for this configuration option

20. Click the Right Arrow button


21. For Domain Name Servers, type in then press Enter key and type in

22. Type in in the Domain Name (or host name) field

23. Click Right Arrow button


24. For What is the e-mail address for this configuration, type in your email address

25. Type in your Password

26. Click the Right Arrow button


27. For the pop e-mail account, type in your username followed by (I.e. )

28. Type in in the SMTP field

29. Click the Right Arrow button

30. For the NNTP (News Server) host, type in

31. Click the Right Arrow button


32. Select No for the Do you use proxy servers for Internet connections option

33. Click the Right Arrow button


34. Place a check in the Connect when finished box

35. Click the Go Ahead button


36. Select the Apple Menu, Next Select Control Panels and use Remote Access


37. Click Connect