Mac OS-X Setup



1. Click the Apple Menu, select System Preferences


2. Click the Network icon


3. In the Show field, choose Internal Modem

4. Click on the TCP/IP tab

5. In the Configure field, select Using PPP

6. In the Domain Name Servers box, enter and

7. In the Search Domains box, type in

8. Click the PPP tab


9. Type in your local access number in the Telephone Number field

*Note - The local access number for Bakersfield, Ca. is 282-2000. For all other local access locations, please telephone our offices at 661-396-3500.

10. Type your email address in the Account Name field

11. Type in your password in the Password field. Check Save Password

12. Click PPP Options button


13. Check the Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications box

14. Uncheck Prompt to maintain connection box

15. Uncheck the Disconnect if idle box

16. Check the Disconnect when user logs out box

17. Click OK

18. Click the Proxies tab


19. Uncheck all checkboxes

20. Click the Modems tab


21. From the Modem menu, select Apple Internal 56k Modem (v.90)

22. Check Enable error correction box

23. Check Wait for dial tone

24. Select Tone in the dialing section

25. Check Show modem status in menu bar box

26. Click Apply now


27. Open your web browsing software to connect.