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Setting up PPPoE under Windows XP for DSL

Below are some screenshots to help you set up PPPoE

Click START > Control Panel

Control Panel Click

Click "Network and Internet Connections"

Control Panel

Click "Network Connections"

Network and Internet Connections

Click "Create a new connection"

Network Connections

Click Next

New Connection Wizard

Click Next

Connect to the Internet

Select "Set up my connection manually"

Click Next

Select Manual ISP

Select "Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password

Click Next

Select PPPoE

Enter "Internet Galaxy"

Click Next

Enter ISP Name

Enter your username and password that was given to you by email or a letter in postal mail.

Click Next

Enter user information

Click "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop"

Click Finish


You will now see a window that looks like the following.

Simply click Connect

Connection Window

You should now be connected to the Internet.

If you reboot your computer or need to reconnect to the internet you should see an ICON on your desktop that looks like.

Internet Galaxy Connection ICON

Simply double click the icon and the above connection window will appear and you just need to click Connect

By watching the video above you will see how to automate the connection process so you will not need to click this icon ever.

That completes this tutorial. If you have any issues or questions please contact technical support at 661-396-3500 option 3