Windows Millennium Edition (ME) Setup



1. From the Start menu, move up to Settings, then select Dial-up Networking

2. Double-click Make New Connection icon

3. In the Type the name of the computer you are dialing field, enter Internet Galaxy


4. Click Next

5. In the Telephone Number field, enter your local access number

* Note - The local access number for Bakersfield, Ca. is 282-2000. For local access numbers to other locations nationwide, please telephone our offices at 661-396-3500.


6. Click Next

7. Click Finish


8. Once you have clicked on finish, you will be taken to the Dial-up Networking window where you will now see the new Internet Galaxy icon you have just created. Using your Right mouse button, click the Internet Galaxy icon one time. This will open a small menu. Select Properties with your left mouse button

9. Click the Networking tab


10. Uncheck all boxes except for TCP/IP. (Enable software compression is optional)

11. Click the Security tab


12. Enter your Internet Galaxy Username and Password (Usernames and Passwords are case sensitive). The Domain field is not required.

13. Check the Connect automatically box. Uncheck all other boxes.

14. Click OK

15. To create a Desktop shortcut (recommended), Right click your Internet Galaxy icon in the Dial-up Networking window and select create shortcut

16. After selecting Create Shortcut, you will get an error message. Click Yes


17. You can now close Dial-up Networking and all other windows. Double-click the Shortcut to Internet Galaxy icon on your desktop. Enter your Username and Password and click Connect.

18. Once connected, open your web browsing software (I.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape navigator).